Launch of joint-venture between China and Cambridge

Cambridge Innovation Park hosts the launch of joint-venture between China and Cambridge

Cambridge Innovation Park China Centre (CIPCC) is a partnership between Cambridge Innovation Park, our business accelerator Incubyte, Cambridge Accelerate, and Chinese start-up incubators.

The aim is to spark two-way investment and growth for companies both in Cambridge as well as in China.

Incubyte founder, Rob Precious, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for Incubyte to forge stronger relations with our Chinese partners and we’re excited to be able to offer the businesses that we’re working with the ability to work alongside some of the innovative businesses coming out of China. As the UK moves into a new era, Incubyte is delighted to be taking the lead with forward thinking global partnerships.”

Cambridge’s mayor, George Pippas, was amongst those chosen to cut the ribbon to officially launch CIPCC and said: “The Chinese have been our friends for a long time, they share our forward-thinking attitude and with Brexit coming Cambridge needs as many friends as possible.”

Jenny Wong, founder of Cambridge Accelerate, said: “We’re thrilled to be joining forces with Incubyte to help develop some of the fantastic technology being developed in both the UK and China. There’s never been a better time for our two nations to be collaborating more closely.”

We at Cambridge Innovation Park are thrilled to have been chosen to host this alliance. We welcome our colleagues from the far east and look forward to seeing them scale up and move from co-working spaces into our premium office spaces.

Cambridge Innovation Park can accommodate organisations both large and small from both far and wide. To enquire about office space or to learn more about how Cambridge Innovation Park matches your business needs please don’t hesitate to get in touch.