Tenant Profile: How DigiCollab puts the “Innovation” into Cambridge Innovation Park

Tenant Profile: How DigiCollab puts the “Innovation” into Cambridge Innovation Park

Now located within Cambridge Innovation Park are DigiCollab, an innovative digital service provider. They are leaders in using technology to find solutions for Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries.

DigiCollab utilises technology within the AEC sector to provide a range of offerings including Building Information Modelling (BIM), 3D scanning, and even Augmented and Virtual Reality visualisations. Khai Fletcher, Associate Director, calls it: “Making technology more accessible to AEC professionals and complementing traditional practices with digital ones.”

Having worked in AEC themselves the team at DigiCollab know the technological challenges and restraints of the industry. They established themselves in June 2018 to bridge the technological gap within the AEC markets.

The breadth of support Digicollab can bring to companies within the industry is extraordinary – they are at the cutting edge of technology and use state-of-the-art software and hardware. To showcase what they can do the landlord of Cambridge Innovation Park put them to the test. The challenge was to fit and furnish their new office suite without using a tape measure and to be more precise than the landlord’s own measurements. Hidden to Digicollab were the actual measurements of the room that they now let that were taken with a laser measurement tool.

Were they successful in their challenge? We think so! Without using a single tape measure DigiCollab managed to fully fitout their office and they even made measurements of the room that were more accurate than the landlords’ original.

Paragon Land & Estates have been so impressed with this case study that we have begun discussions with DigiCollab about utilising their services for our own construction of Phase II at Cambridge Innovation Park.

For more information about DigiCollab please call 01223828581 or email team@digicollab.co.uk