Cambridge Innovation Park: Home to entrepreneurs determined to leave the world a better place.

Cambridge Innovation Park is home to many high-tech and professional organisations.  Among them is the Cambridge Business Forum.

This group of entrepreneurs and senior managers is dedicated to helping each other in business through discussion, mentoring and collaboration.  At the same time, they have all adopted an ethos which encourages members to “help others”, either through direct action or fund-raising.

Jools Hudson, the Forum Chair and Co-Founder, says “many business people have been to soulless networking groups where the only objective is to sell, sell, sell.  Our Forum brings people together from all types of business to learn, help each other and give back to the community.  At the same time it’s great fun and we are making solid connections with each other.”

The group has adopted a technology charity, SpecialEffect, as their principle focus for help and fundraising.  Co-Founder and Secretary, Nick Hadley says “SpecialEffect supports disabled people with technology, enabling them to use computers and play games. Helping SpecialEffect combines our business skills with our drive to make society a better place. 

“This winter, we’ll be helping to raise funds through annual carparking project, run by Cambridge South Rotary.  Each year, this massive project raises around £40,000 for charity.”

The Forum is open to membership applications from tenants and also business outside the Park. See