We're now using Eco-friendly products

Everything we could think of switching in our bathrooms, kitchens and shower facilities to a greener alternative has now been swapped. And by green we mean either recycled, Eco-friendly and/or more energy efficient.

For example, our hand dryers are now use much less power, our paper towels dispense single high absorbent, recycled sheets at a time which not only helps to reduce waste but also expense.

We’ve chosen soaps that are more Eco-friendly and we’ve installed dispensers give out foam instead of liquid to reduce over use. 

And for our kitchens all of the hand soap and washing up liquid now also use eco friendly alternatives. 

We’re documenting every step we’re taking towards being the beacon of sustainability for Cambridge and beyond.

If you’d like to help us or you’d like to know more visit: https://cambridgeinnovationparks.co.uk/sustainability/

Take take, hole in the O-Zone layer!