We use Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Products

Everything we could think of switching in our toilet blocks, kitchens and shower facilities to a more sustainable alternative has now been swapped. By sustainable we mean either recycled, Eco-friendly and/or more energy efficient.

For example; our hand dryers now use much less power, our paper towels dispense single high absorbent recycled sheets one at a time which reduces waste.

We’ve chosen soaps that are more Eco-friendly and we’ve installed dispensers give out foam instead of liquid to reduce over use. 

Our kitchens now all use eco-friendly hand soap and washing-up liquids. 

We’re documenting every step we’re taking towards being the beacon of sustainability for Cambridge and beyond.

If you’d like to help us or you’d like to know more visit: https://cambridgeinnovationparks.co.uk/sustainability/