Returning to Work at CIP After Lockdown

We’ve recently invited each of our clients at Blenheim and Stirling House to join online discussions entitled “Returning to the Workplace”. At the events we shared a slide deck, detailing the approach we have taken in to review our workspace in line with government guidance on COVID 19 risk management in offices. 

Using the available government guidance,  CIP Limited have undertaken an employer risk assessment in relation to our own staff and their use of the workplace. We have carefully considered the common areas of the building and how they can support your employer risk assessments. Additional sanitising stations, sprays and paper towels have been added at regular points throughout the common areas such as toilets, kitchens and entrance and exit points. Toilets have been changed to single user with suitable signage including vacant/occupied signs at the toilets. Kitchens have also been changed to single user use and different kitchens around Stirling House have been assigned to specific units. We have also reviewed our cleaning routines and changed the times of these to best provide a hygienic environment. PLEASE NOTE KITCHENS MUST BE CLEANED USING THE PRODUCTS PROVIDED AFTER EACH USE.

We have carefully reviewed our building operating and evacuation arrangements. To support social distancing a one way route is now fully operational and must be adhered to by all clients, staff and visitors. We encourage all clients to challenge any person either not adhering to the one way system or not wearing a face covering. If you do not feel confident in challenging the individual or individuals then please let the Centre Manager know. You can find drawings demonstrating this here. These changes commence as you arrive at the building and you will see stickers on the floor from the entrance bridge and throughout the building. Some variation to assembly point locations will be required to manage social distancing and we ask you to liaise with the Centre Manager once you have reviewed your plans.

At the online sessions our clients highlighted their plans for return to work which on the whole commenced with part-occupancy arrangements from June/July but varied by business thereafter. 

The CIP team welcome continuous feedback from all our valued clients and we will continue to engage through online events, email and other channels as appropriate.

Additionally,  please feel free to contact any of the team if you have any questions.