Cambridge Innovation Parks to Create One of the First Fully Sustainable Business Campuses

Cambridge Innovation Parks Ltd (CIPL), BRE and 3PM have collaborated to propose an exciting new challenge to the timber construction industry.

In 2021 CIPL intends to create one of the first fully sustainable business campuses, focusing not just on construction and operation but leading sustainable approaches such as carbon off-setting and well-being provision. CIPL is a pioneer of bio-based construction and views it as an important part of its zero-carbon transition.

The team wants to hear from like-minded innovators who specialise in the production and provision of offsite timber construction that can be applied to a commercial project setting. The chosen company ethics must align with the highest standards and their ethos must support innovation to facilitate change in the industry.

“I would like to see … new innovative low impact systems to meet the urgent zero carbon challenge,” said Professor John French, CIPL director of development and sustainability and Fellow of Wolfson College, University of Cambridge

To enter the challenge and access the full brief and response proforma please contact Eleanor Turner at

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