Can very low-carbon buildings be constructed cheaply enough to suit the pockets of private-sector commercial developers? Yes, says Professor John French.

Professor John French (Cambridge Innovation Parks Ltd Sustainabilty Director) was recently interviewed by about the cost of low-carbn buildings and is it possible to keep those costs low. 

Professor French insists that it is possible to keep the costs low for low-carbon builds by using bio-based but it does come with it’s challenges. One of these challenges it to create a ‘sustainable timber supply chain’ as Professor French mentions in the article that using bio-based solutions is the future for sustainable builds. This mentioning of a ‘sustainable timber supply chain’ can also be linked back to Cambridge Innovation Parks ‘Timber Challenge‘ which was posted on UK Construction Week and the full article can be read here

If you’re interested in reading the full article then please follow the link below. 

The Structural Engineer Article