A Hillside Thank You

Not too long ago we had a few fluffy visitors on one of our sites – two sheep. We had no indication where the sheep had come from and who they belonged to however we knew that whoever left them there was not coming back for them.

After a couple of days and having contacted several animal charities we got a kind response from Hillside Animal Sanctuary saying that they were happy to take in the sheep.  A few weeks later we received a kind letter from Hillside letting us know that the sheep are settling in well and that Paragon Land & Estates’* donation of £500 will help greatly towards caring for the 4,000 rescued animals that Hillside care for. 

Hillside Animal Sanctuary is only one of 28 charities we have made monthly donations to over the past years. It is important to support charities in these trying times and those struggling most at the moment are the animal charities, so any donation is more than appreciated.

*Paragon Land & Estates Ltd is the holding company of Cambridge Innovation Parks Ltd