Potential Cambridge Headquarters

Headquarters Opportunity

We are currently in the planning stages to construct the next phases of development. This will see multiple 40,000 sq. ft of premium office buildings each with three floors that will be approximately 12,500  sq ft.

This is a great opportunity for a regional or national headquarters. We could even offer naming rights to the entire building.

Interested in occupying a Cambridge Headquarters Office? Then please feel free to get in touch.

Cambridge North 40,000 Sq.ft.
South Campus - Cambridge Headquarter Offices Example

Three Locations

Cambridge Innovation Parks is expanding across three sites around Cambridge. Expansion is taking place on our existing North Innovation Park, with our West and South campuses going through planning. 

As part of this growth we are offering organisations an opportunity to acquire bespoke headquarters offices, ranging from an entire floor to a complete building. 

If you are looking for space to house teams of between 100 and 400 staff, we believe we have a viable solution to offer.

Fully Bespoke

This is a great opportunity for a regional or national headquarters building or floor. As construction is yet to begin we can be very flexible and offer precise configuration for the successful applicant’s requirements.

We can help to design the whole building or floor plan. As well as helping to design a bespoke fitout. This could include custom entrances, access, dimensions – everything! 

Our Locations are Superbly Positioned to Offer: