The Structural Engineer Interview

Can very low-carbon buildings be constructed cheaply enough to suit the pockets of private-sector commercial developers? Yes, says Professor John French. Professor John French (Cambridge Innovation Parks Ltd Sustainabilty Director) was recently interviewed by about the cost of low-carbn buildings and is it possible to keep those costs low.  Professor French insists that it …

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Renewable Energy Supply​

Renewable Energy Page The annual electricity of our buildings are now sourced from renewables. A renewable source can be solar (sun), wind, biomass (organic matter such as plants), wave and tidal (sea), hydroelectric (flowing water in rivers) or geothermal (energy stored within the earth). This means we are now REGO certificated. It stands for Renewable …

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We’re now using Eco-friendly products

We use Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Products Everything we could think of switching in our toilet blocks, kitchens and shower facilities to a more sustainable alternative has now been swapped. By sustainable we mean either recycled, Eco-friendly and/or more energy efficient. For example; our hand dryers now use much less power, our paper towels dispense single …

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Energy Consumption

Sustainable Energy Consumption The Global Goals set out by the United Nations offer a step-by-step guide to their sustainability vision. Step 1 – Define targets Step 2 – Measure & analyse Step 3 – Report, integrate & implement change. One of the key impacts for Cambridge Innovation Parks Ltd is Energy Consumption. We are now tracking …

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Picture of a cup held by our Director of Sustainability, John French.

The whisper that started an avalanche

The whisper that started an avalanche… This image was taken to commemorate the first of many actions that are impacting Cambridge Innovation Parks. Prior to John French’s appointment as Director of Sustainability all of our catering facilities were using conventional plastic lined disposable cups that would ultimately end up in landfills. The cup photographed is …

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