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How does a Destination Park work?

A destination park doesn’t function as other business parks do. Here we encourage growth and don’t tie our clients down to restrictive contracts that lock them in boxes. With our contract passport system, we support companies looking to scale in all directions, whether that’s through office sizes or access to other facilities.

By creating offices and facilities of all sizes and densities, and combining them with flexible rental contracts, a single start-up could spend their whole life housed within the CIP Ecosystem. Companies can start in our coworking incubator space on the North site, add a flexible workshop pass to their contract that allows them to prototype products on another park, and then scale up to larger offices housed within the R&D facility to maximise the skills and expertise of our inhouse technicians. After they are ready to take their product to market, their flexible rental contract will help scale up to HQ space at our main park at West.

By creating an ecosystem of flexible and collaborative spaces, all built on a foundation of sustainability and with human health and wellbeing at its core, we can build a brand destination that encourages businesses to stay with us.


Scale-up like never before

With three key phases on the scale-up journey and three sites located around the bustling Tech hub of Cambridge, it makes sense that Cambridge Innovation Parks develops around this framework. Most business parks are focused on a one-size-fits-all model which ultimately hinders any long-term client retention strategies. If a business park can offer the opportunity for clients to evolve and grow within the same ecosystem, it can only help to foster speed of growth and innovation.

Phase 1 Ideation

Dedicated facilities will allow start-ups to incubate and grow. With rental models to support access to facilities across all phases of growth. With funding opportunities and support networks to help encourage superior growth

Phase 2 Research & Development

Communal or dedicated R&D facilities staffed by in-house technicians can help businesses develop and scale faster. Use fabrication space or testing facilities and equipment on an ad-hoc rental model across all platforms

Phase 3 market delivery

Large HQ space with networking and launchpad facilities, coupled with access to funding to help launch unicorns and expert guidance on bringing a product to market. Ad-hoc use of R&D facilities for pre-launch tinkering to simply hire out the event space for a launch party!


To deliver our long term ambition we have already set the wheels in motion to create Cambridge’s premium scale-up destination park. Having recently attained planning permission to develop our north park, our first step is well underway.

To support our phasing strategy, we are forging key partnerships with organisations such as the Cambridge Cleantech Network, FCB (the world renouned leaders in sustainable architecture) and CBRE to help underpin the core objectives of our operating model and facilities. Centred around our sustainable philosophy, we are building all the facilities that any Cleantech start-up business would need, but to do this we are thinking outside the box.

By providing access to communal facilities, events and workshops on an ad-hoc rental model, we will provide facilities for all stages of scale-up businesses. From the early-stage start-ups still developing their business models and ideas, through to established Unicorns launching on the global market. Our core business structure will support growth throughout our key sites, on flexible, hybrid and accessible models.

Phase 1 Incubation Facilities

Dedicated facilities will allow start-ups to incubate and grow. With spaces for;


  • Workshops

  • Events

  • Business Masterclasses

  • Co-working Facilities

  • Meeting Rooms

  • 1-to-1 Business mentoring

  • Networking

Phase 2 Research & development

Dedicated facilities will allow start-ups to incubate and grow. With spaces for;


  • R&D Workshops

  • Collaboration Spaces

  • Business support

  • Technical Support

  • Prototyping Facilities

  • Fabrication Spaces

  • Networking Events

  • Access to Funding

Phase 3 Delivery Facilities

Dedicated facilities will allow start-ups to incubate and grow. With spaces for;


  • Funding Support

  • Marketing Support

  • Fabrication Spaces

  • Networking Events

  • Access to Funding

  • Launch Party Venues

  • Hospitality

  • Venture Capital