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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Some of the measures that make us more sustainable

Here at CIP we are looking to build an innovative, Cleantech ecosystem. As part of that we understand we need to practise what we preach, and as such, all of our new developments are designed to achieve some of the highest standards possible. We are also undergoing a full retrofit analysis of all our existing buildings to help bring our entire portfolio inline with our long-term ambitions.

A Fabric first approach to reduce operational energy

Our ‘Fabric First’ approach looks to utilise bio-based materials which lower the significant impacts of typical construction processes and seeks to employ circular economy principles. Bio-Based materials are key to our Net-Zero ambitions as they are not only a source of renewable construction materials but they take on a full cradle to grave approach.
An Ecosystem within an Ecosystem

Biophilic design prioritises the health, fitness, and wellbeing of humans, as well as the ecosystems around them. It fosters an emotional and physical connection with nature and can offer a variety of benefits on a personal level.
Reducing Energy Requirements

By improving our energy performance with a ‘Fabric First’ approach, passive design strategies and renewables, we will be able to go a long way towards reducing our operational requirements and the subsequent impact on the planet.
Creating People-Centric Spaces

Design strategies that focus on occupant health and wellbeing will make our ecosystem a place where people want to be. Human-centric design can benefit mental health, increase productivity levels and support innovation.
Working With Nature

Biodiversity can have a huge impact on the success of a project, by support nature through design, we can develop further strategies to support carbon sequestration while also building spaces for wildlife to thrive.
Removing Reliance on Fossil Fuels

With our focus set on 100% renewables, we aim to go one step further and embed on-site energy production into the core of our construction projects creating an opportunity for Cleantech innovators to integrate new technology into the heart of our business.
Looking Towards the Future

Circular economy principles look to factor in product lifecycles. People, places and requirements change over time, so buildings we design now needd to be adaptable, not disposable. All the materials we seek to utilise in our designs are bio-based products that can recycled, reused or are bio-degradable to reduce the lifetime impact of the product.


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