Liam Rollings announces planning success

I’m really pleased to announce that we have just received full planning approval for our sustainable retrofit project on our flagship building here at Cambridge Innovation Parks Ltd.

The project utilizes largely passive strategies to reengineer a 1990’s ex-MOD building to achieve a projected 45% decrease in operational energy requirements and subsequent embodied carbon emissions. We have specified some amazing products such as Hemp (Natural Building Systems) walls to help maximize thermal efficiencies and modular design. The design looks to create a more flexible working environment and will optimize collaborative space within the fabulous atrium. Adding an additional 10,000 sq.ft of floor area, the project will become the beating heart of a rapidly expanding park.

With planning already achieved on this site for a further 3 buildings, adding over 100,000 sq.ft of high-grade, sustainably driven commercial space, this project set out to showcase how our existing buildings can be brought in line with our sustainable development goals whilst having a relatively light touch.

Thank you to some of the amazing team that helped us achieve this;
SAUNDERS Architecture + Urban Design
Nexus Planning
Hilson Moran
Natural Building Systems
BY Design And Viz

Can’t wait to get started on bringing this project to life!

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