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Premium Cambridge offices for start-ups through to prestige head office accommodation. Bright and airy working space with on-site facilities including gym, spa, two cafes and beauty salon. Parking, concierge service, landscaped grounds. Great working conditions make it easier for your business to recruit and retain the best staff.

We believe that Cambridge Innovation Parks ticks all the boxes when it comes to finding the right Cambridge offices for your business

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Value for Money

Better quality accommodation in a good location at affordable rents will be the ideal choice for most businesses.

Cambridge Innovation Parks will provide your business with great locations and excellent value for money – you will get prestige accommodation and very reasonable rents.

Service charges are included in your lease, so you will not be saddled with extra bills.


Buildings insurance is included in your rent. Normally, this would be charged in addition.

In addition, your lease will be internal repairing only, whereas many office leases are full repairing.

Under full repairing leases, the tenant picks up all of the cost (or pro-rata for shared buildings), of maintaining the structure of the building and of the rest of the site too.




Good facilities which are on-site will keep your staff happy and enable them to unwind at lunchtime or after work. Facilities such as a gym, cafe, bar, spa and sauna are just an example of what our site has located nearby. 

Cambridge Innovation Park North has more on-site facilities on offer than any other business park within the vicinity of Cambridge.


If you would like to take a look at what facilities are located on our North Cambridge innovation park please click here.

Cambridge Innovation Park Facilities
Sustainable Cambridge Offices

Most of us are concerned about climate change. That concern applies particularly to the well-educated young talent that Cambridge attracts. 

Working for businesses that are particularly sustainable is becoming ever more important to them. Consider, when choosing an office, what the provider is doing to help counter the biggest threat that mankind has ever faced.

At Cambridge Innovation Parks Ltd our philosophy is that sustainability is at the forefront of company policy.

Consultancy business, Goldcrest Sustainability Research Ltd, is a wholly owned subsidiary based at the Waterbeach location and will ensure that future development on all our parks fully encompasses the Government’s zero carbon policies.

The team is led by Professor John French, who is one of the UK’s leading authorities on sustainable development. The company advises property companies, local authorities and others on meeting zero carbon targets.


Your business is likely to benefit from being part of a business community particularly, if you are within a cluster of businesses in the same sector.

Our parks provide great opportunities for all types of businesses to collaborate –  from start-ups to blue chip companies.

If you have a technical problem, there is a good chance that there will be someone on-site who will be able to step in and help you out.

A “Communities of Interest” project is being launched soon: the aim of this project is to really boost collaboration and provide even more benefits to park tenants.

Events on site are welcomed.  Many have been held over the years – car shows, barbecues, launch events, open days, parties, conferences and so on… Speak to us about hosting your own event. 

Cambridge Innovation Park North is a lively buzzing campus. Employees love to be where it’s all happening – and it certainly is!

Serviced Offices in Stirling House overlooking airy atrium where numerous events are held.
Cambridge King's College

Central Cambridge is a prestigious location but also a challenging one, given the current times. 

As seen throughout the year of 2020, many people are not comfortable going into an office situated in the centre of a busy town or city. 

Even before COVID-19, the thought of a long commute and travel costs could be enough to make people consider moving to another location. 

An alternative to a centrally located business is one situated just outside the city. The benefits of these alternative office locations include: lower rents, ease of travel and safer journeys (in relation to COVID-19). 

Cambridge Innovation Parks sites are all in great locations and provide quick and easy access to Cambridge city. 

Client Testimonials

"A good working environment and access to quality facilities are key to recruiting talented members of our team. We think that the environment on Cambridge Innovation Park will help us to recruit and retain the best talent as we grow."
Matt Segall
Dr Matthew Segall
Optibrium’s CEO



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